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Simulation of every structural aspect.

ViarValvole ball valves are designed in accordance with customer specifications and process duties, within the provisions of the main international standards (ANSI, ASME, API or PED as applicable), combining strictness in engineering and extent in flexibility.
Our engineers work with the aid of the most sophisticated 3-D design programs, integrated with Stress and Deformations simulators.

The simulation of every structural aspect, controlling material stress and deformation, reaction forces and residual strains, is the starting point of our design.

Accurate Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software permit us to define the dimensions of all valves components taking into account all the interactions between all the pressures and the loads applied.

Particular care is taken with the analysis of the contact surface of ball and seats, to predict the perfect sealing in double block and bleed configuration even with metal to metal seating. The probability of leakage during in house testing due to engineering mistakes is therefore minimized.

Conservative parameters are always considered in the ratio between external spherical diameter of the ball and the diameter of the seat sealing area. This ratio (within a range of +50% and + 100% according to pressure class) is the factor that influences the robustness of the trim, ensuring a longer working life and more endurable performance, minimizing the risk of leakage even after several operations of the valve.

In case of particular services or simply upon request, fatigue stress can be also simulated, virtually, with a software, or practically, with a prototype performance test, with several cycles of operation at different pressure and temperature conditions.



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Simulation of every structural aspect.


In addition to API6D standard tests.

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